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Dinner Specials

Soup of the Day

Escarole Lentil




Green Italian Sausage over Sauteed Broccoli Rabe, White Cannellini Beans, and Garlic in Garlic and Oil Sauce with Shaved Parmesan Cheese 





Sauteed with Sausage, Escarole, White Cannellini Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic, and Grated Cheese in White Wine Sauce


Chicken Breast  

Sauteed with Mushrooms, Green Peas, Garlic, and Dijon Mustard with a Touch of Cream


Filet of Salmon

With Teriyaki Sauce and Mixed Vegetables


Grilled Pork Chop

Over Sauteed Cherry Peppers, Potatoes, Onions, and Tomatoes in White Wine Sauce




Chef Lucio’s Chocolate Cake


Chef Lucio’s Rainbow Cake