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Positano’s Lunch Specials

The Italian Classic Sub

Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Hand Pulled Fresh Mozzarella, Homemade Roasted Peppers, Locally Sourced Arugula, Balsamic Glaze, on Semolina Bread


Spicy Caesar  Flatbread

Cheesy Flatbread topped with caesar salad, croutons, hot cherry peppers and blackened grilled chicken


Smashed Meatball sub

Smashed Meatballs, melted mozzarella, seeded potato bun, served with fries 


Famous Lunch Salad 

Romaine Lettuce, Black Olives, Artichokes, Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers, Shaved Parmesan Cheese 


Cacio and Pepe

Spaghetti with Parmigiano Cheese with Fresh Cracked Pepper


*All Sandwiches Available on Semolina Bread*